Wierd lawsuits-German Playboy

German Playboy, 77, sued a 19-year-old for refusing to sleep with him
Aging German playboy Rolf Eden filed charges against a 19-year-old for refusing to sleep with him. The complaint? Ageism. He says, despite a night on the town with Eden, which ended back at his place, she refused to have sex with him, saying the he was too old for her. So he filed charges with the prosecutors' office: "After all, there are laws against discrimination. "

Eden is well known to Germans for having been the king of Berlin nightlife in the ‘50s and '60s. The elderly playboy --who claims to have bedded between 2,000 and 3,000 women in his long life-– once shocked Berlin by saying he would like to die while having sex. He wrote: "I would like to die as I have lived: on a woman." He also said that there are some women who are too old for him. But in that case he would be more diplomatic and say, 'sorry, you're not my type’.



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