The fountain, which has not been named, will be able to shoot water over 150 meters into the air - the height of 50 floors of the building - and stretch over 275 feet - two football fields long. 218 million U.S. dollars project will achieve 25 percent greater than the iconic fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas

Like the Fountains of Bellagio, Emaar's fountains will include an integral light and sound show and is expected to become one of Dubai's major tourist attractions, drawing more than 10 million visitors per year. 22 000 fountains will shoot gallons of water in the air at any given moment and has more than 6600 lights and 50 color projectors. The fountain has not been named and a cash prize of $ 27.225 has been assigned to the winner of a competition to name the water feature. The structure is scheduled to be operational in 2009


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