Interesting facts-The Palace of Reading

Ten years ago, the Grand Splendid cinema theater became the major book store, El Ateneo, whose restoration respected the original architecture It is a space that was an important part of the culture of Buenos Aires. And, against the relentless passage of the evolution and change of habits, mutated into an ally of thought without losing its personality.

The Grand Splendid was theater and film diffuser point in the golden age, until the habits of the audience were turning to other routes, such as malls and multiplexes. 10 years ago, the Grand Splendid, in affluent 1800, Santa Fe Avenue closed its doors to the seventh art and architecture and mystical appeared headed to oblivion.

However, the building was acquired by the Group Ilhsa, who decided to restore the building, preserving its appearance and make it a stronghold to keep the cultural. Thus was born the December 4, 2000, El Ateneo Grand Splendid, the largest bookstore in South America, and the second most beautiful in the world, as quoted in 2008 the prestigious British newspaper The Guardian.

interesting-factsA transformation that included investment areas. In what was the stage set up a coffee, while the main room, where the shelves with books, stood where was the audience. It has about 200,000, and since 2002 the space was welcomed to the music and movies, so you can also find a variety of albums and movie titles. In addition, the site is permanent witness presentations of literary and musical works, lectures, exhibitions and cycles.This impressive theater was originally built in 1903, when it was known as North Theatre. In 1919 it was acquired by the Austrian Max Glucksmann, who extended it and named it Grand Splendid. Worked as a theater and as host of the first radio transmissions Argentina, even hosted the Odeon label Nacional.It was from 1926 when the film broke into the Grand Splendid, and from 1973 became a symbol for lovers of the big screen. The last film shown was American Beauty, Sam Mendes, in 2000.The cultural transformation which Argentina has forced the closure of most cinemas. Although the doors closed for a major part of culture, fortunately an architectural gem as the Grand Splendid building was restored to open the doors to the custom that both enriches us: that of reading. It has been nothing less than 10 years.


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