Interesting facts-Things you probably didn't know about the movie Home Alone

Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Movie Home Alone

Home Alone is one of the best Christmas movies ever made. Here are 12 things you probably didn't know about the movie Home Alone.

1. The picture Kevin finds of Buzz's girlfriend was actually a picture of a boy made up to look like a girl because the director thought it would be too cruel to make fun of a girl like that.

interesting-factsThe role of Uncle Frank was written for Kelsey Grammer.

interesting-factsThere is a legend that Elvis Presley (who died in 1977) made a cameo in the movie. Many of those who believe that Elvis is still alive maintain that, the heavily bearded man standing in the background of the scene where Mrs. MacCallister is shouting at the desk clerk (just before she meets John Candy) is Elvis.

interesting-factsThe issue of Playboy that Kevin finds in Buzz's room is from July 1989 with Erika Eleniak as Miss July.

interesting-factsThe evil furnace in the basement was done by two guys with fishing line and flashlights.

interesting-facts Robert De Niro turned down the role of Harry.



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