Hotel made ​​entirely of salt - Hotel made entirely of salt
At first you may think this is a beach house, with sandy floors and walls made ​​of stone. But in fact all that is in a unique hotel in South America is made entirely of salt, including most of the furniture in it.

Hotel de Sal, near Colchani, Bolivia, to accommodate the guests who come from all over the world to visit the amazing salt flats in the country.

The tourists usually stay for several days in this place, to see the natural wonders of Bolivia's most famous, before moving to the next stopover in their trips.

To Rp1 million per-night lodgers can rent a double room, complete with a bed made of salt, as well as breakfast.

Tour guides Michel Pablo Pedro Rocha, from Hidalgo Tours, working with hotels to provide travel services in the south of the country.

"I love it when visitors come to this place for the first time. They can not forget the fact that everything is made of salt and I've even seen some people lick berbagaifurnitur only to ensure its authenticity," said Pedro.

Famous salt flats at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, formed from the transformation of some prehistoric lake.

The terrain is covered by several meters thick layer of salt is very rich in its lithium content. That makes the area as a major supplier to the world Lithium. - Hotel yang seluruhnya terbuat dari garam - Hotel yang seluruhnya terbuat dari garam - Hotel yang seluruhnya terbuat dari garam


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